March 9, 2021

Meeting Agenda

  • New Members
  • Update on Club 50 Website
  • Club 50 Research Results – A look at 2021
  • Rod Baptie – Presentation: Most Successful MSPs – Key Trends
  • Choice of 4 Breakout sessions please let Caleb know which group you want to join
    • Sharing thoughts – what are the most important things partners are requesting from vendors and how have these changed in 2021? Sergio Bea
    • How should our channel programs change to gain maximum partner performance to ensure a successful end to 2021? Sandra Glaser Cheek
    • Members share experiences on which types of channel partners are winning and why? Taylor Macdonald
    • As Channel Chiefs, what are our biggest challenges in 2021? Joe Sykora
  • Recap of the Breakouts